Rise above the limits of reality

Weelco – is a unique VR vehicle that is available as an application and a platform. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of everyday life and change ordinary habits and thinking of our customers. Weelco application has tons of videos in 360 degree format that can satisfy any wants and entertain users for hours. The application is translated in 12 most popular languages, so that pretty much people around the world can easily use it and explore its boundless opportunities. Besides, Weelco is the first innovative platform for promoting your Business in Virtual Reality!


Now you can present your company in a totally new format. Design your business with Weelco and we will provide your company with the power to change customer perception, emotions and choices. Plenty of opportunities for your company is here - we focus on helping you to create your personal VR application, 360 video streaming in 4k format, marketing platform, moderation system. And we’re extremely good at it.


Promoting your product in Weelco application and getting access to our partners’ applications make your success real. Now you can easily reach the targeting audience with a new way of telling a story online. The whole world will get a chance to learn about your company by posting an advertisement on Weelco platform. Millions of people and nationalities are here, waiting for you to take a first step. We share new concepts and create great content by using strategic approach. Our mission is to be as attractive as hot coffee first thing in the morning.

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Weelco - Press information Weelco - Press information
Weelco - Press information
Weelco - Press information
Weelco - Press information


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